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Quality Management


Our Commitment to Safe and Quality Healthcare: Your safety is our priority. Our goal is to make you feel safe and secure in our facility. Our members of our staff are dedicated to:

  1. Providing you with a safe, healthy and secure environment.
  2. Performing their jobs diligently.
  3. Using safe and effective practices and technologies.
  4. Responding to your needs in a timely manner.
  5. Ensuring your safety using International Patient Safety Goal Policy
  6. Ensuring effective communication between the caregivers and the clients by answering questions about your treatment and health condition, providing you with specific information about your care and explaining changes about your treatment.
Working with caregivers from across the country, Isalu Hospitals uses leading technology, systems, and processes to improve patient care and patient safety. This is just one part of our commitment to providing a broad range of high quality services that meet the growing and changing healthcare needs of the society.  

Isalu Hospital is dedicated to International Patient Safety Goals and constantly monitors her performance as it relates to Quality measures. Each measure tracks a combination of evidence-based procedures that, if consistently implemented, will reduce the risk of complications and recurrences.

Our goal in Isalu Hospital is to be 100% compliant with all quality indicators.
Although, achieving a 100% compliance level could be challenging, it takes teamwork and dedication by everyone involved in the care process, including the front-line caregivers, hospital managers and administrators to achieve this.

Physicians are also key players in quality improvement efforts. Their participation in and support of evidence-based care is essential to achieving the best possible outcome.  

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