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Since its birth in 2004, we have seen phenomenal changes in healthcare delivery system. There have been impressive developments in both service delivery methods and customer satisfaction.

Isalu Hospitals
aim to be the platform of leadership in healthcare service delivery system through Total Quality Management, Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Premium Quality Product, Professionalism and outstanding Customer Service.

With over a decade of existence, we have caught the imagination of the people. As an institution, we have covered a colossal space in the healthcare industry and have become a role model for others to emulate.

Our philosophy of providing excellent medical care to all cadres of the society in a conducive and relaxed ambiance has driven us to run two (2) annexes in addition to our corporate head office. We also have a “no-delays” policy that translates into efficient and prompt service in a safe, warm, relaxed and refined ambiance.

Our objectives from this point is to stay abreast of latest technologies and accelerate business reform through strengthening our customer service, achieving innovation in healthcare service delivery and improving business structure while steadfastly adhering to customer feedback.

I appreciate you, our clientele, for your continuous patronage and feedback which has been our major source of inspiration, our fabulous Chairman for your earnest support (morally, financially and otherwise), the promoters and other stakeholders for your immense support and strategies towards the growth of the organization. Also to our entire staff, your support and effort in moving the organization forward cannot be overemphasized; I say “more grease to your elbow”.

I look forward to a more cordial relationship as we take Isalu Hospitals to the next level.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Sanusi Y.O (MBBS, FWACS, MBA)

Managing Director/CEO

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