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About Us


Who We are

Isalu Hospitals was incorporated in 2004 as a limited liability company registered with corporate affairs commission (RC 502112). We are a specialist healthcare provider located in the heart of Ogba, Ikeja area of Lagos State.

The hospital idea was conceived to fulfil a desire and close the yearning gaps in the nation’s existing healthcare delivery systems. Despite the inadequacy of health facilities, the mode of delivering the available services requires improvement, particularly to the elites, who not only desire solution for their ailments but also are concerned about the quality of facilities they come in contact with.

The concept upon which Isalu Hospitals is based is to provide top-class medical and allied services to clients using the best available professionals, empowered with appropriate level of technology and continuous training.

The hospital has grown in leaps and bounds over the years as a result of the commitments and dedication of its stakeholders, as well as the high level of reputation and goodwill enjoyed in the society; the philosophy of the hospital is to provide excellent medical care to all cadres of the society.

We are proud to be one of the leading hospitals in specialized medical services, advanced surgical intervention, data management and ICT infrastructures.

 Today, Isalu Hospitals enjoys tremendous goodwill and occupies an enviable position as a strong market leader in the healthcare industry.

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